Web Agency Creates New Online Reservation for Legacy

Today is the day!

After three months of hard work, listening, taking notes, integrating with their mainframe and partnering with the mainframe developers, Synergex, Wasobe Web Agency has delivered to Legacy Vacation Club a new reservation system!

Wasobe Web Agency reservation interface

Wasobe Web Agency creates a new Reservation System for Legacy Vacation Club

The system is built with .NET WCF webservices being the middle man between RCC(Synergex) and HTML5/JQuery User Interface.

The reservation system include 5 modules:

  • Fixed Week Owner Confirmation
  • Float Week Owner Reservation
  • Exploration Reservation
  • Points Owner Reservation
  • Transient Rental Reservation
Some numbers:
  1. 2500 lines of JQuery code
  2. 9  .NET WCF Webservices
  3. 14 PHP Webservices
  4. 90 Days development timeframe VS 18 months for other companies using RCC


Visit www.legacyvacationclub.com to check it out yourself!