Reasons To Avoid Self-Build Websites

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV for the build your own websites companies, they all have the same promises of “Fast, Simple, and Hassle-Free” and “Build Your Website in Under 30 Minutes”. These sites all sound like a great and easy way for your business to finally join the 21st Century and have a website to show off all your cool stuff, but do you really know what you’re getting when you use those Do-It-Yourself site builders?  After doing some research on the leading site building websites, we realized that the negatives definitely outweigh the positives. From expensive recuring fees, to terrible customer service, this blog post will open your eyes and show you why it’s not worth using these websites and why you should use Wasobe Inc to build your next project to take your business to the next level.

Many of our customers today come in and ask us to fix their websites, and almost all of them used a cheap website building company to “build” their site by themselves. They usually admit that if they would have invested the money upfront to build a website with an agency like us, they would have been better off today. A lot of people do not realize that your website is the first thing a potential customer checks before they do business with you. For more people, a companies website is the deciding factor on their decision making process.

A major problem with self-building websites is the fact that they are not mobile friendly or responsive. Most of these sites are full of graphics and heavy images that are not optimized for mobile devices and it will turn away mobile users because of how slow it will load and how much data it will take up. Why should you waste your money on a website that most people will not enjoy using? You will not have this problem if you build a website with a full service agency like us, all of our websites are responsive on mobile browsers and will be user friendly for people on the go who need quick access to your website on all hand held devices.

A huge downside of self-build sites like Wix and Squarespace is the endless fees and lack of customer service. The cheapest plan on Wix is $30 a month, every month, forever. This number will add up and cost you a fortune in the long run. It would be a lot smarter from a business perspective to pay upfront for a website that will be so much better and will make your life and business easier. Another huge flaw with site builders is the lack of customer support. You usually have to go through a forum and search endless pages to finally solve your problem. If you are having problems with a website you should be able to communicate with a real live human being to help you with your problem. Here at Wasobe Inc, we are always there to help.

If these reasons above aren’t enough to turn you off from self site building websites, just wait, there’s moreIf you finally want to make the right move and finally leave your current site builder company, your domain name will be forever stuck there and you will be forced to start over. This is a huge drawback and you will lose countless customers. Another con is that with sites like Wix, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be very limited. This means that your website and its pages will not show up in Google if you search for keywords. Lastly, you will not be able to make your website as functional as you want it to be. Self Building site builders do not give you all the options and functionality that a real web agency like Wasobe Inc can give you.

Make sure you keep these reasons in mind when you’re ready to decide if you want your business to be online!

May, 23, 2014