Mobile Applications

Go Mobile!

In today’s on-the-go world, you need to be wherever your consumers are.  A mobile-optimized website or custom mobile app puts you in the palm of their hands. Mobile phone usage is increasing more and more year after year, with tablets and smartphones redefining the way users access and experience content.

Mobile Applications:

Our digital agency can design and develop a wide variety of mobile applications to fulfill your business’s wants and needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Custom Android Apps
  • Mobile Websites and Mobile Web Apps
  • Windows 8, Blackberry 10 & Tizen Applications
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Whether your company is looking for an e-commerce solution, a way to more easily provide content to your customers or facilitate the services of a sales team, Wasobe is ready to sit down one-on-one and work with you to find the best fit solution for your needs.

With Wasobe as the digital agency by your side you won’t just get a repackaged white-label solution. We design and build a superior, custom mobile experience that’s perfect for your users — and perfect for your business, too. Is your business ready to make the move into mobile? Contact us to learn more.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications:

The very first decision that must be made when starting the process of creating a mobile application, is deciding which platform you’d like to build on.

What’s a platform?

A platform is the operating system within which you’d like to develop and run your application. There are several different platforms used today, the leading being Apple’s iOS followed closely by Google’s Android. Other popular platforms include Microsoft’s Windows 8, Blackberry 10 and Samsung’s soon-to-be-released, Tizen.

Each of these software platforms runs on their distributors devices, ie. iPhone/iPad, Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, etc. Applications built specifically to run on one of these platforms are considered native. Those wishing to run mobile applications on a multitude of devices must program and develop their applications on different platforms.

However, a web-based mobile application allows you to run your application on multiple platforms. These applications may be developed using a variety of different tools including HTML5, CSS, JQuery and other Javascript framework/library. Certain aspects of these applications are able to live on the web, which makes updating them quite easy. Developing this type of application cuts down on programming costs and maintenance and allows you to access more users on several different platforms. We call that a win-win!

Below we compare the different costs associated with developing a native application vs. a web-based one.

Gaming Applications:

Our digital agency, is comprised of expert graphic designers and mobile developers ready to make your vision come to life. Have a great idea for a game? Let us turn it into reality.

We’re experienced in:

  • Android and iOS app development
  • Gaming engine 2D and 3D
  • Vectorial design of graphics and characters
  • Use of special SDK such Samsung S-Pen for Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note Tab

From start to finish, we’re able to sit down with you to establish exactly the look and feel you’re hoping to pinpoint with your gaming application. Our designers and developers work diligently, making sure that the finished product is everything you’ve hoped it would be. Down to the last detail, our upmost priority is delivery a product of the highest standard.

If you’re looking for sharp quality, excellent user experience and complete customizability when developing your gaming application, then Wasobe is the digital agency for you. Contact us to get started today!