Support Pricing

If you’ve got a great website, you need to look after it!

Not everyone has the same level of confidence to go routing around in a Website to fix something that appears broken, add new pages and functions or even just to pop on and change something.
Your website is the window into your organization – and it needs to change as you do – and so we would argue it is really important to have a reliable, trusted service partner available to you all year round for those moments you need assistance.

Wasobe offer four Web Support packages to reflect the level of service you need – both in terms of the amount of help you need and in terms of how quickly you would like a support issue resolved. The different support packages also reflect the amount of time you would need to gather information on your website performance and how much ongoing website analysis and maintenance you feel is needed to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Please see the details below to understand what is included in our support packages. If one of the packages does not fit with your requirements, please call us at 786-228-9679 or email us to discuss a custom package for your organization. If you have multiple websites that you’d like us to look after, please get in touch.

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Terms & Conditions

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