Tizen Conference 2013 – San Francisco

 Today was the first day of the second annual Tizen conference. But this year marks the real start of the Tizen platform as many smartphone, TV and even car manufacturer has announced the release of new product running under the Tizen 2.1 that has been release to the developer this pas weekend right before the opening of the conference.


What’s Tizen?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about the star of this show.

Tizen is an operating system that works on multiple devices, such as iOS and Android.

It differs from the two others cited above because it’s a full open source project, meaning instead of belonging to one company, it in fact belongs to everybody.


What We’ve Learned

 At this conference, we’ve learned that because Tizen is backed up by Intel and Samsung, it’s about to take a serious piece of the smartphone market.

The Tizen app store just opened for developers a couple days ago and many big companies are present at this conference with application demos. Some very impressive game engines (Game Salad, YoYoGames, Unity) are already available and all the application demos we’ve seen so far, (including ours!) show us that Tizen has nothing to envy about the other main platform, iOS and Android.


Tizen is Growing At the Speed of Light

Tizen platform offers two ways of developing application: HTML5 or native. We’re well versed with native, it’s similar to iOS and Android, and requires you to use “real” programing language. Above all, native programming is costly!

This is where Tizen changes the whole game. Because it is built around HTML5 it opens up smartphone programming to anyone that is familiar with website programming. It will be cost effective and quicker to develop for Tizen than building native applications for iOS or Android.

On top of that you will be able to port your HTML5 application to other platforms like Blackberry 10 or even iOS or Android with the help of some tools in a matter of hours.

Frederic Dufal from Orange showed us that their HTML5 app is running on Tizen and Blackberry 10 in a couple of hours.

So cost effective, portability and open platform will make Tizen the new big player in the game of smartphone & devices apps.


Tizen Devices

Many partners present during the keynote are all talking about Tizen-enabled devices being released at the end of summer. The Tizen takeover is just around the corner!

Because Tizen is going to become a standard, it’s imperative that businesses hop onboard the Tizen platform. This will allow them to cut their costs when developing and maintaining their web and mobile platforms by combining them into one single HTML5 cross-platform application.


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May, 23, 2013