What Have We Been Up To?

The Team at Wasobe Inc has been incredibly busy this past month and a half. We have been extremely busy building storybook read along applications for the Store Samsung app. When we first were assigned the task of thirty stories in forty-five days, we were very overwhelmed with this huge task we had on our hands. The team worked countless hours day and night but we determined to get this done. In forty-five days, our team created 500 unique vivid and colorful illustrations for the books, we created the voiceovers for each individual story, we synced the audio with the illustrations, the developers designed each story, and last, we tested every single one to make sure they were up to Wasobe Inc standards. Be sure to be on the lookout for these wonderful and classic fairytale stories in the Samsung App Store soon. Take a look at some of the screenshots of these apps!

app sc 4 app sc 3 app sc 2 app sc 1

May, 29, 2014