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Legacy Vacation Resort


Date: January 2010 – December 2015

In the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis an Orlando based timeshare company contacted us. They had 3 goals:
– Rebrand
– Rebuild their timeshare website where the members are making their reservation
– Start to actively market and sale room night like a regular resort.


With the help of the new COO and his team a new set of messages the company wanted to transmit to their customer base were identified .

The new names , “Legacy Vacation Club” for the timeshare side of the business and “Legacy Vacation Resort” for the hotel side of the business were created.
Couple weeks later and after many draft , Legacy’s new logo that can be seen today across all their resorts. ie: Pool towel, mugs, pens, shuttle etc came alive.
We are very proud today to see this logo being synonym of happiness and good time.

Timeshare Website
Like many timeshares in the Orlando area, their property management software has been inherited from the past (RCC), luckily for Wasobe his Founder Raphael Zbili had years of expertise dealing with RCC at Hilton Grand Vacations.
We partnered with the company who purchased RCC; Synergex. They provided us based on our requirement an API so we could build and connect a dynamic website for the timeshare owner to use and book their next vacation.
The coolest part of the website was that we were providing the user the full next 365 days availability across all resorts in a split of a second so they can quickly slide thru their potential next vacation.

Room Night Rental
Like all timeshare company, Legacy was renting their rooms on a nightly basis. The new COO saw a real potential and asked us to maximize this revenue.
We audited multiple companies that were providing direct connection to the biggest OTA (booking, orbitz etc…), we selected TravelClick.
Now the challenge was connecting the Property Management System (RCC) to a technological advanced partner TravelClick.
Our architects along with Synergex met in Sacramento at Synergex HQ for a week and managed to find a way to organize, translate and transmit the data to and from TravelClick.
3 Months later we were live, a new chapter for Legacy just started and 4 years later they more than doubled their rental revenue.


Now that they had a real booking capacity they needed a full Marketing plan, for that:
– We built a dedicated website for the room rental business. The website had a booking engine of course along amazing design and pictures that we had our photograph taking across their property.
– We started active social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and the new born and now rock star Instagram.
– We started AdWords and Facebook Advertising
– We started E-Mail Marketing to previous visitors.

Brand Reputation Management
Even when your product is perfect, Legacy knew that managing your brand reputation across social media and other review website was crucial.
Our team was on a daily basis reaching out to customers on all channel to make sure they were satisfied with their stay and make sure they will give Legacy the best review possible.


Marketing & Brand Reputation
Our mission continued and we managed to keep a very good growth in sales.

Timeshare Sale
Now that the economic crisis was behind us, Legacy started selling timeshare actively again.
We their sale’s team we build Digital Signage tool for their sale center. Touchscreen, iPad presentation and other video display in order to help sale vacations.

All good things must come to an end
Legacy was healthy, they hired new team members that we helped trained, the economy was back to normal and so we ended an amazing relationship and tremendous success.

What we did:

  • Digital Assessment
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Development
  • CRM Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Advertising
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