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Date: January 2015 – December 2017

In January 2015 Cerberus, an investment group purchased Sotogrande S.A

Sotogrande is vacation town in south of Spain between Marbella and Gibraltar.
Sotogrande S.A regroup multiple activities from real estate developer to water distribution.

With Cerberus purchase Sotogrande needed an assessment of their Digital resources and after that some much-needed new development.

We first started to improve the current website while brainstorming with all the business stakeholder to what Sotogrande Website should be.
We had to include the history of the region, the tradition, the resorts, the activities such as tennis, golf, paddle and watersports but also local businesses and attractions.

After couple of month we had a brand-new website with more than 150 pages, on top of that we created a powerful CRM dedicated to lead generations for real estate sale and future projects.

At this point the Sotogrande leadership had finalized the future projects. They had the vision of creating a new luxury community around the existing world class golf course of La Reserva.
Multiple developments were scheduled but the most impressive was a set of 7 villas in heaven garden designed by world-renowned landscape architect Jean Mus.

We guided, we designed we immersed ourselves with the architects and we produced an amazing website full of pictures, videos, dynamic maps to show and explain their visions.


What we did:

  • Digital Assessment
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Development
  • CRM Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Advertising
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